We at PGE ( Pilot Gaskets and Engineers ) are pioneers for providing sealing solutions to our customers when it comes to AsbestosFree alternatives.

Asbestos is a mineral wool used for its Sealing properties. But, through time, we have known that this very material is extremely carcinogenic and had been responsible for deaths of numerous workers throughout history.

The microscopic asbestos fibres tend to clog onto the bronchioles inside our lungs and cause cancer, also known as Asbestosis.

PGE India has successfully been able to offer 100% AsbestosFREE Solutions to its customers ensuring better working environment for the workers as well as nearby dwellers.

Asbestos Free alternatives

PGE® PTFE Sealing Solutions

We offer Expanded PTFE sealing solutions since it is more superior than PTFE material like resistant to creep and cold flow. Apart from this, Expanded PTFE also exhibits excellent chemical resistance and can work in all pH ranges.

PGE® India has tied with Donit® Tesnit, Slovenia, Europe, who is at the forefront of NonAsbestos Sealing Solutions, which has, in turn, enabled us to offer you with a wide range of Sealing Solutions which are certified Asbestos Free and are armed with International Certifications for various applications.

Our Product Ranges:

1. PGE® EPTFE Tape

It is made up of 100% EPTFE material with multidirectional strength. The product is supplied with an adhesive backer for product installation.

Maximum Temperature: 250°C
Maximum Pressure: 100 bar


2. Donit® Doniflon (PTFE Gasket Sheets)

Expanded Teflon or EPTFE is a material which is well known for its excellent chemical inertness. So, Teflon cut gaskets can be used in industries such as food, pharmaceutical, water industries where contamination can never be tolerated and the gasket should not react with the flowing medium.

Certification: FDA Certified