We at PGE ( Pilot Gaskets and Engineers ) are pioneers for providing sealing solutions to our customers when it comes to AsbestosFree alternatives.

Asbestos is a mineral wool used for its Sealing properties. But, through time, we have known that this very material is extremely carcinogenic and had been responsible for deaths of numerous workers throughout history.

The microscopic asbestos fibres tend to clog onto the bronchioles inside our lungs and cause cancer, also known as Asbestosis.

PGE India has successfully been able to offer 100% AsbestosFREE Solutions to its customers ensuring better working environment for the workers as well as nearby dwellers.

Asbestos Free alternatives

Oil Gaskets

PGE® India offer a range of gaskets suitable for high temperature and pressure used in Oil & Gas industry. These gaskets are capable of resisting high temperature and pressure and withstanding against corrosive oil media.

Depending on nature of application, we offer 2 types of gaskets:

1. Donit® Tesnit BAGL (Fibre based gaskets)

This is based on aramid and glass fibres which are made suitable for use with oil media. Moreover, it has outstanding bolt torque retention alongwith excellent thermal, chemical and mechanical properties.


2. Donit® Grafilit Gaskets (Graphite based gaskets)

These are graphite gaskets which are known for their excellent thermal and chemical resistance.