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We at PGE ( Pilot Gaskets and Engineers ) are pioneers for providing sealing solutions to our customers when it comes to AsbestosFree alternatives.

Asbestos is a mineral wool used for its Sealing properties. But, through time, we have known that this very material is extremely carcinogenic and had been responsible for deaths of numerous workers throughout history.

The microscopic asbestos fibres tend to clog onto the bronchioles inside our lungs and cause cancer, also known as Asbestosis.

PGE India has successfully been able to offer 100% AsbestosFREE Solutions to its customers ensuring better working environment for the workers as well as nearby dwellers.

We offer both metallic and non-metallic gaskets and packing solutions to our customers.

Asbestos Free alternatives

Rubber Gaskets

Rubber Gaskets are used in various applications like in industrial sealing solutions. Its soft nature makes it suitable for use in industrial gaskets provided the temperature is within 100°C.

But rubber material contain considerable amounts of Nitrosamines which is a carcinogenic chemical compound. These Nitrosamines are believed to be one of the major causes of Alzheimer’s disease along with other long term side effects with numerous human health complications.

That is why, we recommend to use the fibre based gaskets which are much more chemically stable and does not emit any harmful pollutants as rubber.


The is a fibre based gasket material consisting of cellulose fibres and binders which is considerably flexible and is comparable to rubber in terms of operating temperature and pressure.

Technical Specifications:

Maximum Temperature : 160°C

Continuous Temperature : 135°C

Maximum Pressure : 40 bar

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