About us

We at PGE (Pilot Gaskets and Engineers)  are pioneers for providing industrial solutions for spare parts to our customers when it comes to AsbestosFree alternatives.

PGE specialises in three main solutions for industrial applications:

  1. Industrial Sealing Solutions
  2. Industrial Insulation Solutions
  3. Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Coating for anti-corrosive applications and cleaning free applications.

Introduction to Coating:

Coating is an extra layer of protection to prevent a surface from ageing and corrosion. Ageing and corrosion are very common problems in industries as the equipments and structures there are exposed to highly corrosive environments. In order to protect such surfaces from wearing and breaking down, we need to put on a protective layer of coating to ensure extended service life of the equipments.

Ultra EverDry:

PGE® India, has partnered with Ultratech International, Inc, a based based firm, which has enabled us to provide some high performance coating solutions for use in the industry.

Ultra EverDry is a superhydrophobic and oleophobic coating solution, which can practically be applied to any surface, whether, metallic or non-metallic, to protect it against corrosion, dirt, ice etc.

What does “Superhydrophobic” and “Oleophobic” mean?

The word “superhydrophobic” means the tendency to repel water and “Oleophobic” means the tendency to repel oil.

Contact angle is the angle formed by a liquid at the boundary where a liquid, solid, and gas intersect.

Therefore, from the above picture, the if the contact angle is less than 90°, then the surface is “Hydrophilic”, i.e., it attracts water.

On the other hand, if the contact angle is more than 90°, then the surface is Hydrophobic

From the above picture, it is evident that Ultra Ever Dry, has a contact angle of 160-175°, which clearly indicates that the product is superhydrophobic.

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About the Coating:

The Ultra Ever Dry consists of the 2 parts:

  1. Bottom Coat

This coat is done after surface preparation which bonds to most of the materials and acts as a primer for the top layer.

  1. Top Coat

This is the final layer which is coated on top of the bottom layer. This layer is responsible for giving the coated surface its unique property of Hydrophobicity.

You can refer the following graph for surface tension (Oleophobicity) comparison for different materials against Ultra Ever Dry.

The coating can be done on any surface, metallic or non metallic, and the surface will be ready after 24 hours of curing of the coating solution.

This coating will be bonded to the coated surface for a period of one year provided it is not subjected to extreme abrasion.